Heroes vs. Villains, the Battle for Televisopia is a mega-crossover film also referred to as The Movie it is the only film released by see televisopia the series and was supposed to be the show's finale it is the highest grossing movie on earth with a gross revenue higher than AVATAR, Godzilla, and all others combined!

Layne Wyman and his friends have defeated defeated Enyal once again in his anger Enyal finally learns the secret to Televisopia's balance of good and evil and exploits it giving him and all the Villains unstoppable power. with this new power Enyal overwhelms them forcing Layne and all his pals to hide in area 51 determined to stop Enyal from turning Televisopia into Villainopia Layne and his friends join forces as an army of Heroes to defeat Enyal and restore the balance!

this film was rated TA for totally awesome it is the only movie to recieve this rating.