thumb|300px|right Alvin & the Chipmunks meet Digimon is a crossover between the Alvin and the chipmunks and Digimon show franchises and is a well known Televisopia episode it places the chipmunks, chipettes, Layne Wyman, and Sam Puckett as the 3rd generation of DigiDestined with each being equipped with a digivice and a Digimon partner (note: the chipmunks and chipettes are animated in this show)


Alvin Seville: The leader of the DigiDestined troublemaking, brave, and strong. Digimon partner = Agumon, orange dinosaur

Simon Seville: The smart one bespectacled respectful and often very charming. Digimon partner = Gabumon, Blue wolf

Theodore Seville: The youngest loves to eat and very easy to scare. Digimon partner = Terriermon, green bunny

Layne Wyman: The oldest and the Chipettes adoptive father very funny. Digimon partner = Veemon, blue lizard

Sam Puckett: Layne's blonde, strong, rib eating girlfriend very brave fighter. Digimon partner = Palmon, green plant

Brittany Wyman: Alvin's girlfriend, self centered, danger prone strong fashion sense. Dgimon partner = Biyomon, pink bird

Jeneatte Wyman: Simon's girlfriend, bespectacled, shy, very smart and dependable. Digimon partner = Hawkmon, red bird

Eleanor Wyman: Theodore's girlfriend love's food, athletic, very sweet and kind. Digimon partner = Gatomon, white cat

Enyal Manwy: The main antagonist known as the digimon emperor Layne's evil twin. Digimon partner = Diaboromon, black bug